Creativity is the basis for all activities at Winnie the Pooh Childcare.

We firmly believe that creativity integrates physical, mental,social, and emotional growth.

Creativity is fostered by a free, flexible, accepting, and open environment and by openly discovering, inventing, and creating.

In addition to having the opportunity for self- expression, at Winnie the Pooh Childcare children are practicing small motor skills, eye- hand coordination, left to right progression, and whole- part relationships. We are aware that tremendous growth and development goes on in a child’s first five years of life- more so than in any other time in the life span.

Being familiar with children’s “ages and stages”- the developmental phases all children pass through during the first years of life, help us keeping the children in our care safe and happy.

At Winnie the Pooh Childcare children have the opportunity to experience a good mix of activities- language and science activities, learning games, movement activities, music and art activities.