Children are really happy in an environment, which is as much like home as possible and at the same time learning happens as a result of fun.


My Child-Care Philosophy for the child is:

1. To provide opportunities for being with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.

2. To provide appropriate play experiences that contributes to the developmental needs of the child.

3. To provide an environment, where the child feels safe and happy.

Hours of Operation

Winnie the Pooh Home Daycare is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our Program

We provide full- day, year- round care for  children 6 weeks through 5 years old.

The key benefits of our program are:

1. A small group size

2.A program focused on meeting the child’s needs

3. A safe place for children

4. A program where there are lots of fun things for children to do

5. A provider with training in child development


We keep the children on a consistent, yet flexible schedule in order to meet their individual needs. We follow a general schedule throughout the day that is flexible to suit the children’s needs.

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